‘A potent historical artefact’: the statue of Edward Colston’s new role | Slavery | The Guardian


Utterly clueless fucking pillocks.

No statue, anywhere, was ever about “celebrating slavers”. What are you, 12?

I grow tired of having to explain the basics of life, but I will do again – since The Guardian never tires of printing slanted, ill-educated, 1 sided dross.

In life there are no absolutes. There is nuance, there is context, and there is perspective. I realise these are terribly inconvenient for simplistic anarchist scam organisations like “Black Lives Matter”, but that doesn’t stop them being facts. These are people, who sincerely believe just because Winston Churchill held perceivably racist viewpoints, that his legendary leadership during, and leading to the ultimate victory in, World War 2 should be put aside, purely on the grounds that he was “racist”.

There are many historical figures throughout history, who, if these fucking dullards were around back then, would have been held back from making incredible progress for mankind, or else deliberately forgotten about based on their own personal viewpoints.

And the single most inconvenient fact that they definitely don’t want you to find out, which is why they shriek so loudly about anyone else involved, is that black people invented slavery.

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