Sinéad O’Connor: My hellish night with ‘devil’ Prince (Fictional)

My god, you can trust the New York Post to actually swallow her horseshit hook, line and sinker.

“Okay I’m feckin’ broke here. I’ve been askin’ my Twitter followers to send food, I need somethin’ that’s really going to make sales of my book go off….. …..hey I know! Prince beat me up! Yeah it’s so utterly unbelievable that people will just want to believe it!”

Windows covered with tin foil, eh, Sinéad…because, so his security is claimed to have said “he don’t like light”.

Is that why Paisley Park was designed with multiple sky lights? Is that why Prince’s office is pictured flooded with daylight? Is that why he had a fucking great atrium built around the reception?

Jesus, you spite filled little cretin. Your career is fucked and now you’re sinking so low you’re taking it out on a dead man.

Honestly if there was even 1 shred of evidence that Prince was violent to any female in his life this would warrant at least going “hmm really?!”.

But run along and try and find me any.

I’ll wait.

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