Peak Apple fan boy Guardian, always in touch with the common, poverty stricken man…..

24″ monitor? Oh dear. I ditched my tiny 24″ monitor about 5 years back. I’m sure, totally sure, that everyone is going to notice that “. 5” on a “4.5K” screen….🤡

Here’s the mediocre specs for you.

“Oooh, Guardian expert! What’s a FaceTime HD camera?! What’s a FaceTime HD camera?!”. I was being rhetorical. It’s just a fucking webcam.

So that’s £1849 with 16GB RAM.

Sorry was that a joke? Or are these prices correct. Cos that is a fucking joke. Do you know what kind of beast I could build you with £1849?

Tell you what let’s call it £1500 and you can give me a blowjob for the rest.

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