Israel-Gaza: Tower housing foreign media destroyed in air strike – BBC News

Very legitimate target there Israel, you trigger happy psychos.

I find it a little bizarre too that Israel is sending out footage of a bomb strike that killed a couple of Israelis. That’s akin to saying their missile defence system is shit.

But you’re not going to be getting much out to the world by bombing International media, you fucktoids.

Yes on balance there are a lot of rockets coming out of Palestine too. Is anyone surprised they’re fucked off, with Israelis constantly, and lately increasingly, building more houses for Israelis on THEIR LAND….?

It really doesn’t take a Middle Eastern expert to fathom that if someone constantly builds on land that you know is not theirs, is agreed by the UN is not theirs, and are confined to a tiny little strip of land that is hemmed in by checkpoints, and you also know that America will essentially back up everything your illegally occupying, land stealing neighbour does, you’re going to end up getting just a LITTLE BIT FRUSTRATED.

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