Wendy's: Burger giant plans return to the UK after 20 years


Holy shit!!! 😱

The last time (one of the 2 last remaining) Wendy’s was here I used to travel all the way up to Oxford Street (at least 75 miles away) just to have one of their amazing square burgers.

I hope this does actually come to pass!

Edit: I’ve just been reading up a bit subsequent to posting this – and judging from the increased power it wields in the US – where it’s now 2nd only to McD’s – looks like this WILL happen. Woohoooooooo!!! Oh and there’s the fact they’ve already bought a place in Reading to start off with. The only surprising fact about them toppling Burger King was the fact that Burger King were at the number 2 spot. I know Americans have low food standards but come the fuck on, Burger King are fucking dire!!!! Every single ‘special’ burger they do is basically “..with bacon!!!!”. And then they make a big point of saying “crispy bacon!”. Sure!! It’s “crispy” – if you’re one of those people who thinks that marshmallows are crunchy. And even the most special burgers they do, you bite into it hoping for some amazing new taste – only to find it just tastes as mediocre as their normal every day burgers.

I’ve long since given up on Burger King. They closed their branch down in town due to redevelopment and initially said it was “temporary”. But they’ve since just vanished – and good riddance to a shite burger place!

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