Teenage Dream


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WARNING: Contents are irritating

Imagine being so fucking thick you actually believe an overpriced pot of utterly worthless “multi-vitamin” pills is going to help you with your exams.

Of course, she doesn’t. She’s just hawking the next piece of garbage she’s been DM’d to hawk. It’s all part of the wider picture I’ve been looking into of these ‘influencers’. Quite the ironic term in itself, as they only people these teens are ever going to be even remotely influencing are fellow teens – and that’s not exactly a difficult party trick, is it. And yet they still insist on using that broad, encompass-all term.

They’re basically just like the online, remote equivalent of the popular girl at school. It’s alarming that they gain the traction that they do, it’s alarming that they’re so inanely, giddily happy to try and sell you overpriced, worthless tat with their vacuous “hey guuuuys so I’ve been wearing these trainers…” shat patter.

And I think of all those poor parents out there who just don’t have the money to buy ‘the dream’, and can’t make ‘my princess’ just like “that girl on the TikTok videos”.

And what, exactly, could we say these teens achieve anyway? Go along to a load of vacuous, shallow marketing events? Go sign their tat at the conventions. Then you turn into one of the older ‘influencers’, who has to try and get on the morning TV shows or the TV clip compilation shows. All for saying stuff you don’t even believe.

Fake, fake, fake, fake. Could I ever be as fake as that and enjoy it??

Too busy being real.

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