Academic who backed 'decolonising' curriculum dropped from museum board


I think we’re all supposed to be ‘appalled’ by this bit:

“Wow. Just wow. Dowden is an actual fucking Nazi”

What the fucking hell is WRONG with his assertion?! FUCK off with your constant attempts to erase historical progress, innovation, charitable and stoic figures, just because “but slavery bad”. Yes we all FUCKING KNOW slavery bad.

But unlike you fucking cretins, we also know that no one on the entire fucking planet is, was or ever will be 100% good, or 100% bad.

This isn’t some “culture war” as The Guardian wants to paint (skew) it as. This is not “the Government going for the populist vote”. This is base level common sense, and what I’m hoping is a REFUSAL to not properly educate future generations purely on the basis of a scam organisation of Black Lives Matter, to the amazing things these historical figures achieved, and/or what their legacy was and how it benefits generations of today.

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