Elliot Page on Oprah Winfrey: Actor says it was ‘crucial’ to speak out about transition in first TV interview | Ents & Arts News | Sky News


Is this “horrible backlash” per chance related to the LGBTQ Mobs on Twitter relentless going after anyone who disagrees with them, with campaigns of targeted abuse, sharing home addresses and phone numbers of those who don’t automatically bow down and agree with everything they spout…..? Does she wonder why there might be a “backlash”, at all….?

Is it also, per chance, the huge increase in vulnerable teens being railroaded and cajoled into carving up their bodies and starting on the drug programs without EVER even mentioning the fact that a good number of people deciding they want to be the opposite sex and going through with it, have BITTERLY regretted doing so, and wish they’d just got some other form of help and counselling instead – because actually it was never even about needing to be the opposite sex, it was about other underlying issues that were unrelated….?

Or are we just not mentioning any of those. No, I’m sure we’re not. I’m sure the poor ickle trans people were getting a backlash and just being all helpless and persecuted and stuff…..

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