UPROXX: People Are Losing It Over An Adult Disney Superfan Writing An Op-Ed To Whine That ‘Wokeness Is Ruining The Experience At Disney World’


Yes, that’s totally it, uproxx, he’s simply “missing the racist and horny stuff”.

I know that when I was at Disneyworld (4 visits from 1986 to 2000), I just lost count of the number of black people I overheard coming off of the Jungle Cruise muttering “that scene with the natives is really problematic”.

Or all those black people disembarking at the end of Splash Mountain, and saying to staff “I enjoyed it but you know this ride is based around a film depicting slavery and I’m just not okay with that”.

Not to mention all the women I was walking behind exiting Pirates of the Caribbean and heard bitterly complaining about the woman being auctioned off by the pirates, saying “that was not okay, women are not just items to be sold. This ride is misogynistic patriarchy and I am disgusted!”.

Yes, so you see, in order to counteract all of this routine outrage this is precisely why Disney decided to rip out the heart of tradition and make them all totally perfect.

It was not anything to do with Twitter Toddlers, none of whom have set foot in Disneyworld, and don’t ever plan to, shrieking on Twitter all day. No, that was all ‘coincidental’….

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