Gary Numan: “My biggest mistake? Covering Prince” (this isn’t what Gary actually said but we put it inside quotation marks anyway)

Well here’s a turn up. NME doing an article about music, interviewing a musician, and also it’s fucking good!

I met Gary once when I was little. I was a member of “The Young Farmers Club” – which by the way had virtually fuck-all to do with farming, so your guess is as good as mine.

One evening we went for a little tour of Fairoaks Airport. We went, of course, to see the planes and the control tower. But as we were looking round them on the tarmac, one of our group leaders saw Gary Newman tending his plane, and our whole group of children was herded towards him.

This was the late 80’s, so of course Gary was still full flush and loaded (hello, your hobby isn’t flying planes if you’re broke). So what do you think he did? Stomped off demanding privacy..? Had one of his security guards ask us to leave..? Nope, he stood up from the wheels of his plane, not saying a word, just smiling broadly at us, and stood signing autographs for every single one of us.

He’s always come across as a really decent bloke to me.

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