Disney World Fan Blasts Park For Taking Woke Scalpel To Favourite Rides – Deadline


And so the mob attacks escalate.

Let’s break this particular personal attack piece down a bit shall we, just so you can see how these cunts work – and let this remain here recorded so you can see it for yourself on other sites attacking this man, once I’ve enlightened you (should you still be sitting on the fence there) :

Let’s start by collecting as many negative adjectives as we can, shall we. OH LOOK, KIDZ, HE SAID HE’S A CHRISTIAN, A CONSERVATIVE AND A REPUBLICAN!!!

Yes, this is for all those reading about him who at first were all “ohh but hang on he does have a bit of a point here….OH BUT WAIT I’VE BEEN TOLD ALL REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVES ARE BAD. So okay he doesn’t have any valid points anymore”.

Hmmm. And what about me, then. I’m in total agreement with this bloke, and I am not a Christian, a Conservative OR a Republican. Where does that leave your.. “shut up, Stephen, we haven’t thought that far ahead!!!

Next comes James Gunn – not totally above the fray himself having been the subject of a rabid #firejamesgunn not so very long ago..

Oh, yes, we all forgot. It’s alright for the mob to shriek at the top of their lungs when THEY’RE upset about something (and more often than not that something is something totally innocuous, and they’re white people being offended on behalf of black people – because that’s totally not an issue being some patronising white saviour protecting da poor innocent helpless black people who cannot speak for themselves). But if YOU have an issue, or an opinion that THEY don’t agree with, oh foolish, ignorant racist and sexist one – this is simply because YOU don’t understand why YOU are wrong. Yeah, imagine not understanding that you’re wrong because you don’t agree with us!!

Fucking mature arguments these, aren’t they!

Lastly comes this gem, from…..erm…well fuck knows because oh so very conveniently, despite probably knowing exactly who posted it, they have instead ended it “read another tweet”.

Nah, we don’t need to “imagine” – we have our own unique opinions. You have to read up on which are the correct opinions to have.

They do this because whilst people who do not participate in group-think shall be named and shamed, and their phone number and address be passed around within the Twitter Mobs, no such details, not even the original poster, shall be shared of those agreeing that this man is just a silly racist.

Oh and this is a screenshot taken from the original 1990 Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, that shows “a crying woman” :

Call me Mr Psychology Major here, but whenever I’ve seen a woman crying it never looks anything quite like that. But hey I’m totally sure they did their research, and were so appalled by their horrific experience riding Pirates of the Caribbean, that they went straight back home and preened themselves to sleep.

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