Apple to let ‘free speech’ network Parler back App Store after it vows to clamp down on hate

The slight problem here, as anyone with a brain cell can spot, is that you can’t genuinely be a “platform for free speech” whilst simultaneously claiming to be “clamping down on hate”.

This is because “hate” is so subjective.

Anyone who isn’t a part of the Alphabet Mafia will be well aware of all the PURE hate they post day in, day out on Twitter – calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them bigots, fascists, and yes you know I’m going to say it, “actual fucking Nazis”. Not to mention doxxing. Where is Twitter when all that shit is going on? Where is any moderation for their hate posting?? Because you cannot view it any other way. It’s always one rule for the Alphabet Mafia and the woke mob, and another for everybody else – regardless of which political persuasion you are – even if you’re affiliated with no political side at all.

Of course, Yahoo doesn’t want to hear the truth in any of this – they have silenced all comments on this 1-sided, biased crap.

Parler is going to be worthless as any kind of platform once it’s sanitised like every other mass platform.

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