Three days of pain: how I built a gaming PC or “What happens when a journalist only used to race-baiting tries to do something technical” | Games | The Guardian

🤣🤣🤣What a dick. He was always going to start at a disadvantage – he works for The Guardian – a super woke collective of tossers claiming to represent the poor and downtrodden of society, whilst regularly running articles about middle-class pastimes and stuff that no poor person they claim to be champion of would ever be able to afford to do.

Then his first mistake was to look up components and reviews on Tech Radar and PC Gamer – 2 of the last places on the internet that anyone with even a slight understanding of building a PC would waste their time looking at.

And what’s the betting he bought everything (that he wasn’t given as a freebie after arse licking companies like Western Digital telling them he was going to run “this quirky article coming from a non-techie perspective, yah?”) off Amazon…

I do love how he’s seriously suggesting anyone starting out building a PC needs to get “the full or mid option” for the case. Let me tell you woke tosspot something : NO ONE just starting out building a PC should get a full tower PC case. Because you won’t be filling it anywhere even close to capacity for one, and you’ll be left wondering why you blew all that extra money on something that huge when you’ve only got a hard disk and a small graphics card in there. And unless you get an aluminium case (I can hear him now exclaiming “they make aluminium ones…?!”) it will weigh an absolute tonne. To give you some perspective, my Lian-Li full tower case was bigger, yet weighed way less with all the components in it, than my mid-tower cases when they were empty. And the vast majority of full tower cases are still made from steel. You really don’t want to add putting your back out to the list of your woes.

I’m sure all his “tech expert” mates would have told him that. Oh……it appears they didn’t.

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