Simon Cowell ‘broken and betrayed’ by X Factor stars’ backlash and ‘asks Cheryl for help’ – Mirror Online

I’m sure it’s just entirely coincidental that these select few are speaking out a decade later, now the work has dried up and their novelty has worn off, and they stand to make some coins from blurting out shit like this. I don’t recall them feeling quite so ‘mistreated’ when they were in their gratis, rent-paid flats in Central London, or were sent cars to whisk them here, there and everywhere.

They were so fame hungry to go on what everyone who even knew the slightest thing about it was “a talent show”, they surely didn’t think if they did well on a talent show they’d suddenly be in a position to take control of their management decisions and related stuff? That’s not quite how talent shows work you fucking dolt. If you want total control, not to mention a much bigger cut of the profits, then you work your way up slowly and surely from nothing at all. You wanted fame overnight, and you essentially got it. But fame that instant doesn’t come without drawbacks.

Stop whingeing about being “so naive” back then. If you had the talent all along you wouldn’t even feel a need to stab Simon in the back.

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