LG scraps its smartphone business as losses mount – BBC News


“Now…matters are worse”.

It’s sad. Okay my first and in fact only touchscreen/keypad LG phone once had such poor response I had to almost physically restrain myself from throwing it against the concrete paving slabs but they came on in leaps and bounds after that.

I read many a user (i.e. people whose opinion was worth listening to, as opposed to “tech journalists”) sing the praises of the latter LG phone cameras particularly at concerts they used them at.

And so the cycle continues where the perceived ‘only 2 phone manufacturers worth bothering with’ – Apple and Samsung, continue even more emboldened, safe in the knowledge that their constant bungs, undeclared sponsorship and free hotel suites for tech journalists has paid handsome dividends, has fooled the vast majority of the masses, and they now have even less smaller fish to share that pond with.

You really think I’m making this up….? Do you really think the reason that pretty much every single ‘independent Android site’ feels a need to compare every single phone ever released to a Samsung is because Samsung make the best phones? If you lined up Samsung phone specs to the likes of Sony or ASUS you would see for yourself that Samsungs price structure versus what you’re actually getting is routinely destroyed by the competition – usually only catching up a year or so later.

Samsung phones routinely have the most clumsy software and hardware fuck ups indicative of a dire level of quality control – but no, scant mention of all those because hey – it’s still a Samsung, and they do look after us very well when we go along to the MWC.

It’s hard knowing how true this all is – a manufacturer of the fairly mediocre, continuing to use underhand tactics to permanently maintain mind share. But if you’re okay with this, everything is just fine. Just don’t come complaining when you finally wake up to the reality of the world’s best snake oil merchant.

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