Race report consultation was ‘Fawlty Towers-like’, former Met officer says


Some people will only be happy once the UK is declared “TOTALLY AND 100% A RACIST COUNTRY!!!”. And then they’ll of course feel compelled to whinge some more.

No one wants to hear Trevor Philips tell them things have got way, way better over the last few decades, because they can’t find anything to shriek about, write books about, and get paid to be panelists about if they admit this.

There was one doofus on GMB yesterday morning saying that the reason the report found that Britain wasn’t racist was because they’d got the definition of racism wrong, and it was something else now. She added that in the past it was overt, but now it’s covert. Yes, we are all secret racists – even when we don’t know it. Fucking christ have you ever heard about the concept of “moving the goalposts”?

We know you fucking idiots would NEVER be happy if it was shown the UK is not OVERRUN with da WAYCISM!!! Because a country that largely isn’t racist isn’t going to sustain your seminar and book deals, is it. I promise you can find other things to hold your talks about. No, really!

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