Ugly and Lygu debut in Star Wars!!

Meet the 2 bald blokes that prove transsexuals are a bit fucking creepy

All the fawning…and yet not one single person has asked “if you’re non-binary, then how the fucking hell can you be “transitioning”???? Transitioning from what to what???” That makes about as much sense as saying “now obviously to make the colour red with paint, you will need to mix white with black to get green”.

Well, at least they’re pleasing the 1% on Twitter. A very, very, very vocal minority.

I’m certain there are more paedophiles than there are trans people. And there is no paedophile representation in Star Wars. Why not???!! This is an outrage.

Another thing I noticed looking down through all the comments “excited” about this, was that not one…not…one…was saying “I’m going to watch this!!” or “I’m definitely going to read this!!”. So….you’re pleasing a tiny amount of people, who won’t be supporting your business. That’s…….very savvy of you, Lucasfilm….

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