Lights, camera, PSU flip

I’ve finally mastered class. And whilst I can’t currently work out why the ASUS Aura application isn’t recognising my Phanteks light strips, I am very happy with how it turned out. I have at least finally gained control of the RAM lighting (which always should have been easier – they’re plugged straight into the motherboard for god sake).

In addition to this I’ve made the biggest change in my entire PC building life – I’ve flipped the PSU over so that now the PSU fan is an exhaust fan. This means that it’s now not conceivably possible for ANY dust to fall inside the PSU – the build up of which is not only more or less impossible to clean out, but can also be catastrophic in the long term. I only checked briefly before doing it but pretty much every source said the best direction is the PSU fan facing downwards – so long as the bottom of your PSU case is perforated – which of course being a Fractal Design one, mine is.

I’ve never done this before, and I am so happy I’ve pulled it off, because the sight of clumps (yes clumps – that’s simply what happens when you clean up your PC innards) of dust falling into the PSU in spite of my very efforts to keep that from happening, was a gauling one.

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