Well, I have pre-ordered this.

Never saw the original, and won’t ever bother to. And I don’t give a fucking shit about how “accurate to the original comic books” any of the characters may or may not be. I just want to sit for 4 hours watching superheroes biffing stuff.

Unbelievably some cunt on Ebay has already pre-ordered no less than TEN of these:

If I find the film boring as hell, yes I will flog it on Ebay, as I have a feeling the Steelbook Edition is going to be much sought after (judging by the fact this cunt has already managed to flog 8 out of 10 of something that hasn’t even been released yet on 4K) but I’ll just put it as a normal bid listing. That’s if I even sell mine at all. But scalping something that’s only a fucking pre-order is pretty damn low. I might not overly mind as much, if these people were actually even film fans. But they’re not. They’re merely fleecing actual film fans – and physical media fans at that – an increasingly rare and discerning breed. Still, at least he’s only made £100 profit on a £300 outlay. The cunt.

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