Newsreader Simon McCoy to join GB News after leaving BBC | The news on TV | The Guardian

Simon will be a very big asset for sure but I am sick to fucking death of The Guardian throwing its toys out the pram in its description of ANYTHING that isn’t woke fucking drivel as automatically “right wing”. If I see any actual EVIDENCE of this when I watch GB News trust me I will be the first to call it out. But to call it that before it’s even started broadcasting is baseless and arm flailing to say the very least.

Grow up, and just write up what’s happened. And wake up to reality – a good number of the populous here are now sick to fucking death of having wokeness and diversity shoved down their throats at every fucking turn – based ENTIRELY on what a few hundred Twitter Toddlers post all day every day that DOES NOT REPRESENT HOW MOST NORMAL PEOPLE THINK IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

This news channel, though not rolling news, could be the tonic that we all need. And if it takes off in the way I hope it does, it won’t mean that “OMG, THE UK POPULATION HAS TURNED INTO ACTUAL FUCKING NAZIS!!!”. It will be the proof we normies are longing to see, we just want to see an end to the constant amplification of these fucking babies on Twitter who are trying and often succeeding in stamping out any sense of context, and subjecting us all to programming that reflects their utter joylessness they feel about their own existence.

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