Berlin’s plan to return Benin bronzes piles pressure on UK museums

Alright here again I need to explain a thing to The Guardian, and also of course to the Twitter Toddlers – who stand even less chance of getting their tiny brains around this one:

A good few years ago now, the UK basically ran the world. And this was facilitated by the fact we had “colonies”. Ergo these colonies were all “owned” by the UK. This meant that, for example, if you went to Africa or India, and it was a colony, and took some trinkets from that colony back to the UK, you weren’t actually technically taking anything that didn’t already belong to you.

So then, as we can all agree, unless you’re planning to repatriate your TV set to Sony in Japan, there isn’t any need to return items from British museums that were collected during these times.

You’re welcome!

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