Fuckers on Ebay I ordered my Phanteks neon LED strip lighting AND my Phanteks hub, for some reason best known to them only bothered posting off my strip lighting, despite the fact I’d ordered both items at exactly the same fucking time.

Came to try the lighting out at least, having found out it could be hooked up to my Corsair hub. No luck there either. The people saying this worked with iCue must have been referring to the larger hub – mine is only a 4 channel (if 2 sockets are 2 channels each). And there’s certainly nowhere on my motherboard that I can plug this in to. So thanks you fucks for ruining the end of my holiday.

I’ve sent them a message asking to cancel, and ordered from Overclockers, who will hopefully manage to get me my order by Tuesday – 2 days earlier than the predicted date of delivery for something I ordered nearly a WEEK ago with the other bozos. I really want to see these lights going, then make a nice arrangement with them. I will definitely post photos if I achieve something nice.

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