It’s time to give point-and-click games the respect they deserve

Here writes someone who has only just discovered point and click adventure games, yet extols faux depth of knowledge about them. He’s obviously looked up “what are the most well known point and click adventure games” on his search engine of choice, and subsequently makes out “oh, anyone can name those”. He then stumbled across the Blackwell series (a recent and unmitigatedly fucking terrible affront on the genre). Please don’t attempt to lecture the rest of us on something you very obviously know almost nothing about.

Not a single mention of Darkseed, Black Mirror, the excellence of the Runaway trilogy (doubt he’s heard of them), Jack Keane, the Secret Files trilogy, The Next Big Thing, A New Beginning, the Frogwares series of Sherlock Holmes games, the Agatha Christie series of games by AWE Games, the various first person point and click adventures; such as Amerzone, the MYST series, the Dracula series, taking you even deeper whilst still retaining all the great puzzle solving and inventory systems of the original point and click 2D games, any, all and a lot more that I could name.

And all he can come up with is the fucking dire Blackwell series and some new indie retro style one.

Clearly the 90’s were great for him…..when he went to research what they were like. 😏

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