Minneapolis to pay murdered criminal George Floyd family $27m – BBC News


Okay. Well that’s nice for them. So I imagine they’re going to set up a charity in his name then? Something along the lines of, you know, a community outreach project that aims to heal rifts between the police and the community, teaching the value of all human life no matter what colour. Yes…? We going to see that…?

Why do I imagine the real future here is the suddenly very wealthy sister of George Floyd, having just been told all the First Class seats have been booked on a plane she wants to get on to the South of France, telling the airline staff “do you know WHO.I.AAAAYYMM. I am the SISTER of George Floyd. And let me tell you something. If I don’t get on that flight I will let the whole world KNOW you are disrespecting not just me, but the entire black community, that you are a racist airline, with racist policies, and you will lose business hand over FIST. Is THIS WHAT YOU WANT??!!!”

Oh, no I would love to be wrong. I would love the first scenario to be true. But really….do you think it will be…?

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