Google HR ‘suggested medical leave’ for racism victims – BBC News

Perspective here:

Oooookay. Did he not just think possibly, maybe, his colleague just meant he was darker than he expected? In the same way a white person might get told by a colleague “you’re paler than I expected”? Do we go wailing to our managers about racism cos we’re told we’re too pale..?

Now, I don’t want to go out on a limb here but do you imagine in your wildest imaginings that perhaps the reason you were rejected for your job is not because you’re black but because….well…okay try to get your head around this one: the other applicant was felt to be more suited to the job….? I know, I know, fucking outrageous as a concept, isn’t it.

We’re living in Twitter World here, where people in their teens and 20’s are starting to think that anything negative happening to non-white people in the workplace can ONLY be as a result of racism. No other reason could possibly be the case, and even if it is a cut and dried case, they’ll still start thinking “hmmmm actually….I think I was only sacked for misconduct because I was black”. All of these cases are snapped up and amplified by a hungry media – because racism is on-trend. The more stories that feed into the narrative that every bad thing that happens to black employees is due to racism the more convincing it seems to Twitter World.

The kind of things I say to my black South African friend would cause Twitter Toddlers to have a fucking wailing breakdown. I say them because they’re utterly fucking ridiculous to say – he realises this, because he doesn’t waste all his time sat looking through Twitter. He lives in the real world. The more you amplify this sort of innocuous shit, the more idiots actually start believing it’s across the board. I’m wondering just what they’d be happy with. And don’t say “equality” – how can you claim they’re wanting equality when there are people actually employed in some HR departments actively looking to recruit non-white people to a company. If that was “equality”, such people would not exist. No company is ever going to employ a person seeking out white people to work there, and no one should want them to. At the end of the day I think what most of us normies want is simply the best people for the job.

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