Ohh, UbiSoft, I have a technical support question: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??!!!

Unbeknown to me, UbiSoft (or Ubisoft as they now like to be called) killed Uplay at the end of 2020.

Now, that’s by the by – not many people liked Uplay but in the end it was no worse than Steam (i.e. – you don’t own your own games anymore and are solely at the mercy of some far away server somewhere if you want to get hold of your own game, as opposed to just installing it off a fucking disc – you know, that thing that just works).

So, having bought The Crew 2, in the hope that it’s a little bit better than The Crew (which was a pile of fucking shit being that the cars drive like shopping trolleys), I looked up my uPlay. Didn’t exist. Went to go find it online to install it to be confronted with this “Ubisoft Connect” malarkey. Okay whatever, set that downloading. And that was a success.

Then I started it up…….

See the invisible box around a my previous blog post there…? Yes. That’s Ubisoft Connect, yes right there in that ghost box. Incredible, isn’t it.

So I looked up some solutions. Found a few suggestions on the Ubisoft support page – none of them worked.

Eventually, I found a suggestion on a forum, and things started moving. Instead, I managed to achieve this:

Well fucking brilliant. Let’s get this straight in our heads, shall we. Ubisoft made Uplay, which did work with Windows 10. Aaaaand then they replace it with Ubisoft Connect, which doesn’t work with Windows 10. Does it get any better than this….?

Oh yes it does…..

When I click on the OK to download an “older version of Ubisoft Connect”, that “older version of Ubisoft Connect” took me to a download link for……UPLAY. Oh and it’s not done yet!! Because once that was installed, look what popped up!!

Ohh yeah!! And hmmm, let’s all play the “guess what that more recent version of Uplay was called”, game, shall we?!!

I eventually nailed it, and do you know what the highly sophisticated solution turned out to be?

You have to set compatibility mode for fucking WINDOWS 8. Who the fuck is asleep over there at Ubisoft?!! You know, apart from those who keep on green lighting another fucking Assassin’s Creed or Tom Clancy game.

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