Haz & Megz – my thoughts

I’m a balanced individual, unlike most who run a blog with opinions. So you’re not going to see me relentlessly lay into Meghan.

Firstly as we are all aware by now, Oprah has shown herself up over recent years to be a self serving opportunist of the lowest order. She was all over Michael Jackson when she bagged that interview at his Neverland Ranch. She then went on host an interview with the 2 actors (there’s your first clue) and liars, Wade Robson and James Safechuck and threw her ‘friend’ under the bus. And a dead friend at that – which was super classy.

As to Meghan, a mere 25 minutes had passed before she said something that was factually incorrect. She was talking about the fact that Archie wasn’t going to get the title of Prince, then said that “we had no control over that”. This doesn’t quite match up to something a royal commentator once casually said in a documentary about the Princess Anne, citing how Prince Andrew “pompously” insisted on the titles of Princess for both of his daughters. That was a casual, throwaway comment, as he was comparing it to the fact that Princess Anne had not done this, but as you can see, it doesn’t quite fit with Meghan’s claim that this was something they “had no control over”.

Oprah vaguely challenged her on the whether she knew what she was getting into before she chose to marry Harry (that looks awful in writing, doesn’t it). She was essentially, and I paraphrase here, “oh well I thought it might be bad but I didn’t actually realise it would be bad!”. Eye rolls ahoy. She then actually seemed affronted that she was expected to curtsey to the Queen. She said essentially that she expected it for outsiders “but not from the inside!”. Good god. This is a very well known thing – it is the fucking Queen. And throughout history, and throughout Kings and Queens, it doesn’t fucking matter WHO you are, you have to show the traditional respect for the head of State! Sorry if that’s stepping on your delicate little Hollywood wannabe ego there, petal.

She did come across as more genuine than I was expecting, and she was respectful of the Royal family. But it still perplexes me just quite how surprised she was that there wasn’t anything they could do to assist her when the press didn’t constantly run gushing stories about her. This lack of ability to help was not something exclusive to her.

Perhaps if anything I sense the main problem was Harry not going into enough details with her BEFORE she went into the Royal family – a fact which, again, seems to get a little lost amongst all the ‘revelations’ that this institution is a tad archaic and old fashioned. That’s what we’ve come to fucking expect!! That was what was glaring throughout the entire thing – that we were actually expected to be surprised by the details we were hearing about the Royals and how they operate. Jesus it’s an institution dating back several hundred years. It wasn’t formed in 1973 for fuck sake.

What annoyed me the most however was neither Meghan, nor the interview itself (although of course, shallow (as we now know) Oprah did grate a few times with her faux ‘reactions’). What fucked ME off the most was the ITV News afterwards, and the all guns blazing narrative revolving around ‘RACISM’. Cos of course, criminal George Floyd’s case has just been all over the news yet again as the officer who knelt on his neck is up in court, so THE WORLD MUST BE WATCHING AND ALL SHOCKED BY DA ENDLESS RACISM EVERY DAY FROM EVERYONE WHITE. Fucking christ. If life was actually like this I’d be the first person to take it up and start posting angry posts about it. But sadly for viewing figures, the world in general is not actually like this. There will always be daft racists about – that’s just life. Sorry about this, and don’t have a fucking meltdown and start wailing or anything, but you’re just never going to stop racism across the world, so long as people who look different exist. Just as I’ve managed to get over that comment some black woman left on a Prince video on YouTube: “His band got so much funkier after all dem white musicians left”.

Yeah try playing that back in your mind except this time, replace the “white” with “black”, and tell me what YOU think that might be…..

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I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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