Fuck me trying to save my mum money on her phone/internet package is PAINFUL.

When I asked her if she’d called Sky, seeing as she’s almost at end of contract, and obviously her bill is going to shoot up unless she called them, she said “it’s fine how it is”. She then claimed she has had problems with Sky. This stems from some man calling her up and….okay bearing in mind here that mum has an utterly terrible recall for phone calls these days, “they [meaning ‘Sky’] tried to get me to insure my router, then he got angry and hung up on me when I said no”. Okay firstly of course, Sky don’t even sell insurance, this was obviously some freak of a cold caller…and he probably wasn’t even offering to sell insurance on her router (what the fuck). She then said she “doesn’t want to think about it”. So I said “so you haven’t called them then”. She responded “of course I have”, so I asked her what they offered her. She then claimed “I said the same”. This entirely non-specific response is basically mum’s way of fibbing to me about the whole thing. Basically she more than likely hasn’t even called Sky, after some random freak called her up about that router then hung up on her (a story which I’m taking for granted is slightly inaccurate anyway) and she’s too scared to call them up now because she thought that was them that hung up on her.

Christ she’s like a tiny little timid mouse about all this shit. She’s very, very old school, in that she thinks once you’ve signed up for something that’s IT, you’ll be on that price or just ever so slightly higher after a few years or so. She gets all flustered and panic stricken at the mere thought of calling to ask for a better deal. She’s basically service provider’s favourite customer.

I’m proud to say this is just one of the things I’m self taught in since living on my own – ALWAYS call them at end of contract and either ask to be put straight through to cancellations or else just ask what they can do for you this year. It’s a buyers market – they want to hold on to as many customers as possible. But noooo, mum “doesn’t want to think about it”. It’s the much easier option to just pay twice as much or more for next year’s contract. Ohhh jesus…..

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