‘More violence’ if Biden doesn’t listen, says Proud Boys leader | US News | Sky News

“‘More violence’ if Biden doesn’t listen, says Proud Boys leader | US News | Sky News” https://news.sky.com/story/amp/more-violence-if-biden-doesnt-listen-says-proud-boys-leader-12208871

What the leader of these gullible simpletons says here does make some sense.

Just insta-banning these fools is fucking stupid and short-sighted. It doesn’t make the problem go away. Groups like these are not a danger or a threat in and of themselves. The danger comes when fucking morons like Donald Fart…er Trump, bang on relentlessly stamping his little feet that the election was “stolen”, and these gullible muppets actually believe there is any substance to his claims.

All of these were thrown out of all courts. But as ever you simply cannot win, because they also genuinely believe that “the courts were bought by Democrats”. You cannot reason with such infantile comebacks.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I know the answer is NOT de-platforming anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

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