A New Mobile Dawn…maybe

I’ve just signed up to BT Mobile. Well, earlier on today when it was still dark out.

Seeing as they apparently use the exact same network as EE (you would hope so, since they now own those hoighty toighty little fuckers), I am hoping that getting to use mobile data will be slightly less traumatic than when I tried to do it with Talk Mobile. Could I ever get online without WiFi with them? Could I fuck. And the live chat I had with them just killed any chance I was going to stick with them. The agent’s ‘solution’ was to go into my Mobile data settings, go into the APN settings, set up an entire SERIES of fucking things, complete with IP address to connect to and more……fucking christ, I was sat there thinking should I really have to set all this shit up myself, just to be able to get what I’ve just paid for…? To put it another way; when I put my SIM from EE in it just worked. When I put my SIM from TalkMobile in it didn’t work.

The final straw was when I was told to “try setting up the APN again” after yet another restart. FUCK sake. No. How’s it going to suddenly work when I’m just doing the exact same thing again and nothing new, on a phone that hasn’t changed in the slightest since the first attempt. No, no, no. I had to ask 3 times to cancel within my 14 day cooling off period, and even then the agent asked me to phone up cancellations. But that was all done, and the person I spoke to on the phone was helpful, I will say.

So hopefully no crossover, and if there is I will be getting in touch with TalkMobile for sure. But in all my years I’ve never been unlucky enough, as quite a few are, to still be charged for a cancelled service.

My BT Mobile is 20gb a month for £15. Not quite as little as I wanted to pay, and not quite as little as I could pay for exactly the same amount of data, but it’ll do, until O2 finally pull their finger out their arse and rollout 5G in my area. I’m hopeful they will do this in 2 years from now – which is how long my BT Mobile contract is. The other main advantage is access to BT WiFi Hotspots, of which there are TONS. I already know roughly where they are around me and they’re pretty convenient – so that even if the mobile data doesn’t work on this SIM either, I’ll have that. But all things considered, I’m quietly hopeful that it will.

Slashing my monthly mobile bill from £24.99 to £15 will be very helpful in helping me to more easily afford the Premium subscription I want to go for with this beauty. That acrylic case is a MUST – so that even if by the time I finish it I’ve not yet built another geek display cabinet for it, I can have it out somewhere and it won’t get a spec of dust on it.

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I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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