1 provider ship jumped – another to follow in the next few months…

Well, I’ve signed up with TalkMobile, who are in fact not TalkTalk (hey – easy mistake to make!!), they’re owned by Vodafone. So I’m signed up with the dreaded Vodafone again, essentially. This is something I swore I would never, ever do so long as I walked this earth. But the caveat here is that I swore this being very naïve about how mobile phone contracts actually tend to work. You see I signed up at £8 back in the day (it would have been 2003, when I had my little flippy Alcatel – my first ever phone, to enable me to text Sarah on). And silly young me, I just assumed I’d carry on paying that £8, and never bothered checking my bills. Well imagine my shock when one day I happened to look and find it had jumped to…I think £12…? I’m probably wrong – it may have been even more, but I was so appalled I swapped to Tesco Mobile where I stayed very very happily indeed for about the next 7 or 8 years. I only left them to be able to pick up 4G on my beloved Zenfone 6 – a band which sadly was not one of O2’s.

I’ve gone from 60gb for £24 per month (and rising) to 20gb for £13 per month. A hefty saving I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve been using data generally less anyway, and we now finally have WiFi at work, so I hook up to that when I’m on shift.

So I’m very happy to be paying that little in 2021. Ad that up over the year, and even with the inevitable, completely unjustifiable price hikes, I’ll still be saving a lot of wonga.

Next, is my internet. Plusnet, I found out, as of October last year have ended their fixed term contracts – the thing they made entire ad campaigns bragging about. Their reason is not given (who’d have thunk it). I suspect they can justify that about as well as annual mobile phone tariff increases. But it’s fucking stupid because their offer to me has me ticking a box to agree to my broadband prices being hiked twice this year if I renew with them. Yeah call me Mr. Mathematician here but that’s not really going to look like the most appealing renewal option for Simple Stephen here. Fuck right off. So now I have to research an alternative. More fucking hassle. Oh sure I can sign up for just £1 extra what I’m currently paying. And yes I get another £50 cashback, which is good, but then there are broadband options out there for less than what I’m currently paying. So how much of a fucking fool would I be to sign up at the £27.99 for just the extra fast fibre optic.

In any case, I haven’t really even noticed a massive speed increase in the “fibre extra” over the previous slower fibre I had with Sky. So knowing this I’m searching for just standard fibre optic, which again should slash my monthlies for internet on top of my phone saving.

Then there’s the annual pain in the arse of having to take action to avoid being screwed by car insurance. New year’s are a riot!!

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