‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos

‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos https://news.sky.com/video/share-12191085

“Oh but Democrat protestors invaded the Capitol Hill building during the Kavanaugh hearing!!”. Yes this is true – they were idiots as well. But they didn’t go quite this far, did they.

“All fake news!! The people were all antifa in disguise!!!”. Grow the FUCK up, pond life. Try and start thinking for yourselves not your batshit crazy little echo chambers who have an agenda to push – using weak minded, easily led maluable fools like you to help push it thinking on your behalf.

Also what made my head hurt was this 20 year old looking thick bint accosting the Sky News team: “these people are clearly racist. Why are you giving these people a platform? Are you racist?”. My fucking head hurts just thinking about how fucking STUPID that girl is posing a question like that to a news camera crew and journalist. If this is the result of “woke education” then please, for the sanity and very, VERY basic level of human intelligence, please go back to sleep.

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