New Bluetooth Speaker Day 1

Well, the title is self explanatory – it was my first day with my new little Sony speaker and it is very nice indeed. The “extra bass” in this one simply picks up and enhances the lower tones of whatever spoken thing I am listening to. For the past week or 3 “Knowing Me, Knowing Yule” – yes the audio of the TV special, has been knocking me out nicely in the morning time.

The speaker makes different sounds to the previous Sony one I had – I like that they’re different. Bit annoyingly, the speaker does not turn itself off once the audio is finished. Also quite crap is the non-existence of a simple on/off button. The Standby icon is there, but you need to long press it to get the thing to turn off (and obviously, stop draining the battery). There’s no NFC which as a reviewer pointed out is very odd seeing as Sony did put NFC on its Bluetooth speakers that are older than this one, but for me it’s hardly much of a hassle to just hook my phone up to it the slightly more long-winded way.

But overall I am happy with it. The issue that I thought was going to be an issue, that being the actual speaker points skywards, is not a perceivable issue.

So nice sound, nice speaker on and off sounds, and water proof too. Also, I’m in January, so in the perfect position to track EXACTLY how long this one lasts…..

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