Google removes Parler app from Google Play Store

Fucking. Pathetic.

Anything that doesn’t automatically cower to woke mobs is not automatically “right wing”. That’s as pig ignorant as a Twitter account banning bot.

Anyone who can be arsed to read through my blog here knows what I think about Parler – they’re mostly an ton of deluded fucking fruit cakes. But this does NOT mean they should be banned.

To go round just banning anything that doesn’t fit your world view, which these days appears to be led by a small minority of extremely amplified ignorant, racist, sexist weirdos on Twitter, is to shut yourself off from the bigger picture. How can you ever have a proper debate when only 1 side is ever represented?

The biggest minds the world has ever known would be slaughtered and cancelled by the Twitter mobs of today, who are continuing to go to their usual lengths to squash anything that reminds them how utterly inadequate and simple minded they are.

Parler is full of fucking fruit loops. Fruit loops on Parler, however, aren’t going round blowing themselves up in suicide vests. How about a bit of focus on those fruit loops, as opposed to, you know, letting their Twitter accounts remain on Twitter for days after being reported.


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