You depend on those home deliveries – so stop being so British about tipping | Pay | The Guardian

Fuck off you freak. I can only imagine how embarrassed and thoroughly fucking patronised I would feel if I was a delivery driver just trying to get my parcel round done and out the way for another day if every other household was fumbling around going “hold on a minute, let me just find you a little something”.

Fuck me Guardian writers really are on a different fucking planet these days. Love that bit too “if you already tip them, well jolly well tip them even MORE!”.

Yes yes Mr I’m so fucking holier than thou, we get you’re a pious fucking twat. Did you ever stop to consider for a moment the person taking the delivery might just be broke as fuck…..? Just because you have internet at home and have ordered stuff does not automatically promote you to Jeffrey Bezos level wealth, you clueless dick.

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