The rise and fall of Netflix | The Spectator (false headliner)

I’ve fixed the misleading headline. Sadly Netflix isn’t going anywhere, it’s just experienced a couple of minor blips in 2020.

The trashy, level of writing in this Conservative (big shocker) site article is off the scale. It looks like a 15 year old knocked it up in a bit of a hurry…

If you’re “dumb”, then by definition, you’d be in no position to make any prediction, about anything, would you. Because you’re….well……dumb. Then he’s right on to mention “the dude who…..”. Jesus.

Base level kiddy grammar aside, and in a genius bridge here, the whole basis of the claimed “fall of Netflix” revolves largely around their film “Cuties” – a film which the article infers caused a ‘storm of controversy’. In fact, as opposed to fiction, the supposed controversy barely registered on Twitter – outside of the predictable small circles of conservative leaning types, who still cling on to the bizarre belief that all their 11 year daughters are ever going to be interested in is playing with their dolls and dreaming about being Barbie driving a pink car. Anything that confronts them to suggest anything else causes them a mental meltdown, and you can sense the writer is trying to keep it together in the article.

And what is this random, unquantified “800% spike in cancellations” coming from? Based on what, where?? That could just as easily mean there were 8 cancellations 1 week, then 64 cancellations the week after. We won’t know (conveniently), because they’ve just said “800% spike” – which is meaningless. And as we all know, most of those screaming “CANCELLING MY NETFLIX!!!!!!” on Twitter never actually cancel their Netflix – the entire reason they signed up for Netflix in the first place is because they have a life so sad they need to fill it with trash TV. They’re hardly going to terminate their trash TV fix.

This was 1 of my 2 free articles I’m permitted to read before The Spectator forces you to sign up.

Think I’m okay with my 50% allowance…

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