Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s respond after shoppers say their turkeys ‘ruined Christmas’

I’m no defender of Aldi but I will on this occasion. The occasion of a tiny, tiny, tiny, fraction of people out of the several hundred thousand if not more, turkeys sold this Christmas is another of those things amplified to fuckery on twitter, then picked up by the media and ran as some sort of national fucking scandal.

Call me old fashioned here but I think supermarkets should not be arm twisted to make a national fucking apology for about 7 fucking dodgy turkeys.

No it’s not right and no it shouldn’t happen. But for fuck sake, man up, get the fuck over your precious little self and stop trying to make out this shit is in any way likely to happen to 99.99% of the populous.

Enjoy your 3 minutes of fame, regardless, you fucking shrieking fuckwads.

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