And another part of the legend of actual Star Wars gone

Now I’m REALLY glad that I finally got round to getting Jeremy’s autograph. Met him at a convention in London a couple of years ago, having passed up numerous other opportunities. He did a LOT of signings and particularly at the smaller events held to raise money for charity. This isn’t some frivolous do-gooder comment to try and make him sound more worthy – I could gather a long list of the charity events if you really wanted…

When it came to my turn to get something signed he greeted me with a “welcome, to the dark siiiiide” – which I thought was interesting as I always thought Bounty Hunters were neutral 😁

I asked him to make it to Stephen, with a “please”, of course. I said “with a PH”. He said “to PH..” I said “no Stephen with a PH” – he said “PH Stephen?”. I said “noooo!” and then looked down at him – he was giving me this mischievous little smile 😅

Have no doubt the ebay fake autographing cunts will be working overtime this weekend. But I know I have the real thing – because I met the lovely man. 😎

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