Comments have now been turned OFF on I think most of Prince’s YouTube videos – for Sign O The Times Deluxe Edition at least….

Exhibit A

This comes, perhaps (just perhaps) not entirely coincidentally after this dumbfuck racist black woman was going through the comments, saying shit like “Prince got funky after he moved on from dem white musicians”. Naturally, I called her out on her racism. “WHAT??!!! You callin’ a black woman racist, Stephen???!!!?!”. Well yes. Slagging someone off based solely on the colour of their skin is, by its very definition, racist. You stupid cunt. Naturally I called her out on the couple of instances I found of her repeating the exact same trope on at least 2 tracks. Yep, the white musicians had to go on both occasions. With glee I did point out the fact that in the Sign O The Times era Prince was working with Eric Leeds, Atlanta Bliss, and Sheila E, all 3 of whom are ‘da evil white trash’. Maybe she went nuclear on me. Sadly I’ll never get to find out now. But it does seem terribly coincidental that the 2 tracks that I know she was posting racist comments on, I went to first and both had the comments now turned off. I just discovered a few more on top of that.

So thanks, you racist, stupid bitch, for spoiling it for the rest of us Prince fans who DON’T sit there judging musicians working with Prince based ENTIRELY on the colour of their skin, who now can’t share their thoughts about the music, and not how black or white the man playing the bass is.

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