In Therapy

Google took away from me the ability to buy music. No Stephen, you shall only RENT music from this day forth. FUCK YOU, GOOGLE, YOU PILE OF CUNTS.

One thing that I used to enjoy doing was browsing, for sometimes hours, through the relaxation albums. I salvaged all the ones I had off Google Music before Google kindly stole them from my account and failed to give me any refund. Again, fuck you, cunts.

But last night before bedtime, I discovered something really lovely and I’d like to share it with you now – this site, where you can buy entire albums, themed around various relaxation sounds. I’ve bought the Rain sounds one, and I want the Country garden one next. You get 7 tracks on the Rain sounds album, EACH lasts a round 10 minutes, so that’s just over an hour, for $5.99. And since the US Dollar is as pitifully weak and feeble as ever, that meant I paid just £4.74. What I really, REALLY love about the rain one, is that is that when I’ve listened to 10 minutes of gentle pitter patter, unlike if that happened in real life, I then DON’T hear fucking leaking drainpipes splatter water down from the top of the building to the concrete – which is NOT relaxing in the slightest. So I get all of the bliss and none of the irritation. What could be more perfect, I ask you.

I’ve written them an e-mail to say what a fan I am. It was such a relief to find this site.

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