Wow, Nvidia have banned Hardware Unboxed from receiving review samples… | Page 29 | Overclockers UK Forums

Hahahahahaha!! Entitled YouTuber gets all butt hurt cos he can’t get his freebies.

This is fucking hilarious.

I just wish ASUS would do the same to the Samsung-paid shills over at – among others.

Just watched this “Linus” bloke rant on and on and on and on about this shite. Fuck me these big YouTubers are entitled little cry-babies. While he was ranting over his feeling so entitled (naturally, he worded that ever so slightly differently – it just happened to flow out of every pore of his being), I watched super chat after super chat – one person even paying $100 for theirs – ALL of them completely ignored, because Linus had to go on his massive rant and no, your $100 is WORTHLESS, pleb – I can make that kind of money in SECONDS, anyway!! He did actually brag during the start of the ranting that he made enough in the first few minutes of the live chat to buy 50 RTX cards. What a fucking bell-end.

It’s equally laughable how deeply relevant these pricks believe they are, just because they happen to have a massive following on YouTube etc.

I base my PC parts decisions based on not watching any of their content anywhere, ever. I base it on my needs for the time, and what I need my PC to handle at the time I’m looking to upgrade. 30 million subscribers really do skew your own reality and sense of self – and nothing I could ever say is going to alter that.

But his meltdown was still fucking hilarious.

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