Stephen’s Poem of the Day

9to5mac: talk a lot of crap.

How’s that. Do you feel enriched?

It is however true. I just love this particular headline. Okay, there’s a solid hook: “When will Android people pay for quality”. Assuming that’s as simple as it sounds, firstly this article has not aged well at all. Steve Jobs being dead for starters, but that isn’t why this article is a sack of shit. You write a headliner like that, you’d better be able to actually qualify it. Or quantify it. Just give me any specific example, whatsoever, as to why your precious bloody Apple app is just sooooooooo much better than an Android equivalent…?

Oh……you never bothered doing that. Just some vague guff about too much junk on Android (which has long since been addressed) and in-app purchases not being efficient enough or some vague bollocks I couldn’t really be arsed retaining as it was so innocuous when held up to the hook they used in the title.

It must be terribly difficult writing for 9to5mac and finding new and inventive ways to spout “Apple stuff is really GOOD and Android stuff is really RUBBISH!!!” every week.

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