Fresh, new and old and new

WOAH. There was I nonchalantly looking up where I can buy the Crowded House album remasters (seeing as, you know, Google have decided that you don’t want to purchase music digitally, you just want to be blasted with endless music, 90% of which is fucking awful, and pay them every month to do so, because you’re 15 years old) and I found my way to their official site – and BOOM!!

New song!! It doesn’t sound very ‘Crowded House’, but it DOES sound very much like the typical Neil Finn lyrics. Not only is that man a fucking wordsmith, but he has the kind of voice and vocal ability that will NEVER get old. Hell, when you’ve been doing this stuff from Middle School, you’re going to be at a fairly proficient level 40 odd years later.

And I see his son Liam now forms part of Crowded House!! That must be fucking surreal. You watch your dad as a little boy touring the world over, doing nothing but music, and then you’re IN his band….? The line-up is all new other than Neil and Nick, and in addition it seems Mitchell Froom – their VERY long-term producer, has joined as a band member too! Of course they had to change the line-up somewhat through no choice of their own. Paul Hester hanged himself, and the drummer they had after that died of brain cancer.

I have a ton of respect for Neil Finn, he lives and breathes music. It’s all he DOES!!

Yes they look like your fucking grandads now but who the fuck cares?! Neil still more than carries a tune, and sure knows how to write one. The genuine article, if ever there was one. One of the very few still around.

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