Collecting the Collections

Just signed up for the newsletter from 2 BRILLIANT sites that among other things, issue their own special collector’s editions of 4K films:

and FilmArena, which seems to be a Czech Republic site – but obviously the primary language on the 4K editions is still English.

I really, really wanted the Casino Collector’s Edition from FilmArena, you get a TON of stuff with the 4K Collector’s Edition. I was about to cough up £90 for a scalper on Ebay for it. But have changed my mind, having come to my senses thinking “hang on a minute – you’re a CUNT, who doesn’t give a fucking shit about Collector’s Editions, and are just scalping people for £40 over what it cost you to buy. This seller isn’t even the worst – most people are asking £100 upwards for it.

Fuck off. From now on, I’m not going to do it. If I miss out, I miss out. The exception to this is the Back To The Future uber edition that you can only get on Amazon, that I went ALL OUT to get – obviously I can’t order off Amazon as I told them to delete my account after coming to realise what utter cunts they are, so it was only ever going to be some scalper on Ebay, and man, did I have to cough up for this one. But I love the trilogy, and the extra stuff you get with this edition is mental.

So now I’ve signed up I hope I’ll never miss out again! Maybe I’ll buy some mediocre Batman Collector’s Edition and become a scalping cunt myself.

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