Covid Revelation

Tired after my night shift this morning I suddenly realised what’s really cool about face masks – you can walk around everywhere like a gormless idiot with your mouth hanging open and no one will ever even know. Winning!!!

Not so winning was my sacrifice of my last legitimate night off after 3 weeks. My colleague gave me a rough fucking deal – he would cover my shift tonight if I worked his shift last night. Bang went my peaceful night of playing games, but was I upset and down? Of course I fucking was!!! But it’s all over now. Got my big subs on the way home which will fit my giant hot dogs in nicely. If I forgot to tell you all, I’m having an all-American food night tonight, since as we all know all Americans eat hot dogs and it is the staple food there. So I’m making posh hot dogs with onions, barbecue sauce, and some squeezy cheese to make them super classy. I’m doing them in honour of their famed national dish. Never let it be said great food doesn’t come from America!!

Going to force myself to wash up before bedtime this morning. There is no WAY I’ll feel like doing it when I wake up this evening!!

Published by InsanityDaily

I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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