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Err how are Moana and Wreck-It Ralph “Disney Classics”?? The term “Disney Classics” refers to the Disney films…..no read that again, the Disney films. That is, the proper animation cartoon films that were made up to and including The Jungle Book – the last film Walt Disney worked on.

That would also include, of course, “Song of the South”. Except whoops, that’s suddenly not allowed to exist anymore, due to a minority of shrieking muppets on Twitter who need some woke points and skew what’s actually in the film out of all rational context.

Also perhaps don’t charge nearly double the price of the DVD box set when about a quarter of them aren’t even blu-rays!!! That’s not aimed at HMV, obviously.

Sad. The term “Classic” when used after “Disney” is here a very, very tenuous term. And this is what will set the perception for future, entirely ignorant generations.

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2 thoughts on “*Citation needed

    1. True but these days the baying Twitter mob is the only reason it’s staying that way. Had some great animation in that film – that’s the only thing *I* remember it for, at least.


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