“Now what we really wanted to do was what we didn’t want to do at first but then we did, cos we’re so well organised here at Disney and Lucasfilm”

There’s a new Star Wars VR game coming.

It’s called “Galaxy’s Edge”. It looks alright, I’m sure it will be unique (if not compelling for Star Wars fans, judging from my experience with “Squadrons”).

The problem however, was the brilliant assertion from Margaret Kerrison, as to why the Star Wars Land at Disneyland/World wasn’t set on Tatooine, or ANY of the familiar, iconic Star Wars locations:

So now you’re releasing a game set on Batuu. So, future fans are going to be playing a game set on Batuu, encountering the various characters located there, and then……going along to Disneyland/World and seeing Batuu and these characters at the park.

But you just said………………….

This could be defined as ageism, seeing as Dan Cockerell had already been quoted as relaying that the ethos once Kathleen Kennedy met Bob Iger was basically switched to “pah, forget about those old Star Wars fans”. So it totally made sense to them that “ohh, well half those potential visitors who want to visit locations featured in the original trilogy are going to be dead soon anyway”. This is a thought process that makes about as much sense, and is the equivalent to, someone deciding “oh, no one’s going to be interested in a ride featuring a mouse character made 90 years ago called Mickey”.

No no, everyone will just want our new characters!! Yes. This was totally borne out by the attendance figures and their impact circa 2019 once Star Wars land was opened.

No one is expecting Disney not to double down on their amateurish duff decision to abandon the original plans. And this will only lead to more disappointment and the ever circular debate surrounding “oh you only hate it because it’s new”, but it’s part of the ever more disheartening experience of being a near life-long Star Wars fan.

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