‘Mafia: Definitive Edition’ Shows the Peril of Unwanted Remakes | WIRED


Everything Wired whinge about is why we need remasters of games like these.

Just because you proclaim that “we’ve seen it all before” this automatically equals valid dismissal…? “Oh but what does it have to say today though?” Sorry, do you measure all the classics as if they were made last week…? Do you sit and ponder why anyone would want to watch Casablanca? Did it ever occur to you that maybe Scorsese isn’t making another mob based film due to the fact the man is 77 years old and getting together the right mix of actors and story might not happen again before he’s dead…? No, of course you didn’t, because that wouldn’t fit around your black and white tunnel vision, and painful “I’m being really woke here, aren’t I” narrative.

So if they made a game based on the first black women voters in America, then remade that 10 years later, you would logically harp on about “we’ve seen it all before”, yes…?


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