Titanic Ask

You know I’m starting to wonder if we’ll EVER see Titanic released for 4K.

Whilst James Cameron does tend to retain most of the control of his films and his directed titles appear to be functioning as very much a separate entity to, and regardless of, the Disney buy out of 20th Century Fox, when you look up “when is Titanic coming to 4K”, all you endlessly see is people casually responding “ah, well, he’s still got another 9 Avatar films to work on yet. Maybe after that”.

I really fear that “after that”, films on physical media will be like trying to chase down authentic original trilogy Star Wars props.

It’s a real shame it probably won’t see the light of day because it’s one of those films that would have benefited enormously (see what I did there) from the HDR – having extensive scenes in sunlight, dusk, and at night.

So we’ll probably get it spewed out down the internet streaming only one day. Which seeing as I have no intention of signing up to any film streaming service, I’m not going to be seeing. Waste.

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