Don’t want an 8K TV? Soon you might not have a choice | TechRadar

I’m going to switch off TechRadar from my Google news feed. These fucking idiots look like more of a joke with every “tech expert” article I read. No wonder they don’t want any comments under them.

After what is very clearly a paid, undisclosed advert for Samsung TV, and oh a little sub-ad for Amazon too there, they sum up their bizarre notion with this gem:

Um…is this your equivolent of claiming “Soon you might not have a choice but to have an OLED TV”. Of course, TechRadar aren’t going to claim that. How do I know?

Because Samsung don’t do OLED. 😏

As you can see, all they focus on is cooing over QLED – Samsung’s massive investment in failing to convince anyone that “no no, it’s definitely better than OLED!!”. Sure, Samsung. Just like HD-DVD was definitely better than Blu-ray, yeah…?

“It’s only going to be so long” is a totally clueless and conveniently vague expression that could just as easily mean 2 years as it could 22 years.

This article tells no one anything, is pure guesswork, and is backed up with no evidence whatsoever other than “our marketing contact at Samsung said the bezels will only be smaller on the 8K models!”

God, fuck off, clueless fucking shills.

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